Weber Gas Grills

Weber Grills - The Maker
Weber-Stephen Products Co., the makers of Weber Gas and Charcoal Grills traces its beginning from George Stephen in the year 1951. This was when he designed the first kettle-shaped barbecue at a time when people were cooking on flat open braziers that exposed food to wind, ashes and flare-ups. Weber Grill
The basic idea behind the innovative Weber Grill lid stemmed from his weariness from this kind of cooking. He started working on his idea while he was still employed at a metal works company outside Chicago. The original item consisted of large metal spheres welded together with three legs at the bottom and a handle on the top. He envisioned the perfect grid as a rounded cooking bowl with a lid.
In 1952, George Stephen came up with the Weber Kettle with a lid that allows outdoor cooks to grill regardless of weather conditions. It fast became a part of the American food and fun scenes that production can hardly put up with the unbelievable demand. This family-owned business continues to serve the need for premiere household cooking equipment by manufacturing and exporting gas and charcoal outdoor cooking grills and accessories. Its headquarters can be found in Palatine, Illinois, USA. At present, Weber has the strongest consumer outreach program in the industry with the round-the-clock-Weber Grill line and content-rich website.

Weber Grills - The Product
Weber Genuine Parts Weber Summit Gold A4
Weber Summit Gold B4
Weber Summit Gold D4
Weber Summit Gold D6
Weber Summit Platinum B4
Weber Summit Platinum D4
Weber Summit Platinum B6
Weber Summit Platinum D6
Summit Platinum D4 Built-In
Summit Platinum D6 Built-In
Weber Genesis Silver A
Weber Genesis Silver B
Weber Genesis Silver C
Weber Genesis Gold B
Weber Genesis Gold C
Weber Genesis Platinum B
Weber Genesis Platinum C
Weber Gas Grills come in various models but each one is designed for even cooking and outstanding control. Whether you are an occasional or serious griller, Weber will provide the right equipment for your barbecuing needs. Perfectly grilled foods do not depend solely on the cook but also on the design and construction of the gas grill.
The Weber grilling system makes use of the inverted V-shaped metal bars to vaporize drippings and Flavorizer bars to optimize juice evaporation. Materials used for the equipment are only of the highest grade to enable it to withstand the test of time at any weather. With burner tubes that are uniformly spaced running the length of the cookbox, heat is guaranteed to be dispersed evenly. Precise cooking control is possible with the independent control knobs for each burner.

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